“We are what we eat.”

Welcome to the ‘Exploring Nutrition’ workshop information and booking page.

Our food choices affect both the body and mind. There’s plenty of information available to us to read on websites and in books. This workshop is an opportunity to talk about aspects of nutrition of interest to you and how to apply some simple principals everyone can use. Nutrition is not just about ‘eating better’ or losing weight – it is also about living better, feeling better, thinking better and having more energy. So come along and explore new approaches to better nutrition and a new perspective on ‘We are what we eat.’

The Workshops
⦁ Wednesday 20 February 2019. The workshops will start at 1245 and 1330 – duration 30 minutes. Choose the time that’s best for you and book below.
⦁ They will be delivered in the Council Chamber. You can ‘walk in’ on the day, but it will help us alot if you can indicate your interest in attending by booking a place now.
⦁ If you can get there 5 minutes before that’s great. If you’ve been delayed please still feel free to join us at any time – we’ll be happy to see you.

Helpful hints for booking
⦁ When ready to book click on ‘Book Appointment’ below at your preferred time and follow the prompts.
⦁ When registering for the first time please be careful to enter your email address correctly.
⦁ When you have booked you will receive an acknowledgement email. If you don’t this is almost always because an email address has been entered incorrectly. Your appointment will still have registered on our system so email us at help@stressbusters.co.uk from a correct email address with your name and appointment time and we’ll sort it out.
⦁ If you book for someone else please make sure you have refreshed the browser and logged on in their name – otherwise your name will show for both appointments.
⦁ If you’ve already booked and need to make some changes Press Ctrl + Click here to get to your account.
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⦁ If you have any questions you can email our helpline on help@stressbusters.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you there!

Available Appointments on February 20, 2019

Exploring Nutrition  12:45 pm – 1:15 pm19 spaces available
Exploring Nutrition  1:30 pm – 2:00 pm19 spaces available

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